REACH Delivery - Receiving a Message

Within REACH Delivery you will receive messages that contain documents that are managed by REACH Delivery document control.  The very first time you receive a message you will be required to install the REACH Delivery client system (see the main help page for a short summary of this simple task).

If you receive a message from someone there are multiple things that you can do with the files that you receive.  However, the sender remains the owner of the document and can add some specific restrictions.   Usually you can print the document sent to you, display it and even forward it on to other people internally within your company.  The sender will be able to see an audit trail of the actions you have taken with the document.

Documents sent to you via REACH Delivery will be "managed", which means that if the document owner updates the document then the document you open, display, print, etc will always be the latest version.

It also means that if you have given someone else in your company access to the document through REACH Delivery, known as distributing the file, then they will also receive notification of the update and also find they have the updated version if they open, print, display, etc the file.

When you have received a new document, as part of a message, it is shown on the main REACH Delivery entry screen or can be accessed via the "Receive Documents" menu.

Outstanding Received Messages

You are required to accept messages that you receive (which will also send any outstanding receipts).  However, there is also the option to reject the message, reply to it or even, in extreme cases block a sender from sending further messages to you.

After you have accepted a message then it can still be accessed through the Accepted Received Messages section of the REACH Delivery system.

Accepted Received Messages

The link above provides details of the functions available on the Accepted Received Messages screen.

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