REACH Delivery - Batch File Upload

Selecting the 'Batch Upload of Files (with Metadata)' option from the 'Manage Documents' menu allows you to upload a batch of files at once.

You will first need to specify a path to a CSV file that has been configured with the details of the files to be uploaded. You can download a sample file here.

The application will validate the contents of the file to endure that the File Path exists and that the DocType conforms to one of the file types defined by the application. Assuming the data is valid you will be prompted to process the batch upload.

If the details contained in the CSV file are invalid then an error screen will be displayed. For example, the error below would be displayed if an invalid Document Type is specified.

The valid Document Types are


Clients / Sales

Compliance Documents



Reports / Memos /Letters

Safety Documents


If there is already a file with the same name as one referenced in the CSV file, the following message will be displayed.

If the details in the CSV file are correct, clicking on 'Process Batch' will upload the files to the Reach Delivery system. Once the upload is complete, a confirmation message will be displayed.



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