REACH Delivery Service - Manage my Private Address Book

This is function is available to all users from the "Options & Settings" menu.

The manage private addresses option allows you to review, delete or search for any private addresses (points of contact) that you have entered.   If you select a private point of contact (by searching for it or selecting it from the drop down list in the screen below - note: you must use the refresh feature to refresh the information in the drop down box) then you can:

1. Review their email address and other information
2. Delete the point of contact using the icon.
3. Amend their email address, name or other information on the screen below and then save the information using the icon

After the new point of contact logs into the system for the first time, the E-Mail Address field will not be displayed when you view the contact in your Private Address Book.

You can add a new point of contact by selecting the Add New icon. The screen below guides you through the process of adding a user.

Destination Company

When you are adding a new 'Point of Contact' to an existing company, then please select the company using the 'Find' functionality.

However if you are adding a new Company to the system, then please just enter the company name in the appropriate box without clicking the 'Find' button.

Contact Identifier

The contact identified may be used to add the new users name or possibly their position within the company.  This is to allow the position (role) within the company to continue to perform the same functions with the specific REACH Delivery user login regardless of if the individual person has been promoted, left the company or is unavailable.

E-Mail Address

The new users email address must be unique (not been entered into REACH Delivery before) and is used to provide the user with the login details and installation instructions for REACH Delivery.

When you have entered these details then you will need to click the icon to complete and add the new user. If the user already exists in the system, the following will be displayed.

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