REACH Delivery - Apply to join another Account

There may be circumstances in which a company has been created multiple times in the system. For example if several users from the same organisation registered to evaluate the software via the REACH Delivery website, there may be several instances of the company in the database.

In these cases there is a need to be able to merge multiple accounts.

This is done via the "Apply to join another account" menu item, which is an Administrator only function found in the "Administrator Functions" menu.


Select the company to which you are applying to merge to, then select the required administrator and click "Apply Changes".

A confirmation message will be displayed.

A message will then be sent to the selected Administrator indicating that a request had been made to join their Company

The Administrator will then be able to accept or reject the application via the "Review Pending Join Requests" function which is available from the "Administrator Functions" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Manage User Groups" menu item.

Once the merge has taken place, a confirmation message will be displayed.

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