REACH Delivery - Manage Auto Rejects

This function is accessible to all users through the "Options & Settings" menu.

The manage auto rejects function allows you to delete or amend any auto rejects that you set up previously using the Block messages icon on the Received Messages screen. 

 The Block messages from this sender function blocks the sender from sending further messages to you and the sender will automatically receive a reject of any message that they send to you with a message.   On this screen you can:

Saves the changes that you have made and commits them to the system.  You will need to perform the save function if you update, delete or amend the auto reject message.

Delete an Auto reject to a specific user (point of contact) and start receiving messages from them again.

Update/change the response message you wish to be returned with an auto reject to a specific point of contact.  To do this simply simple select (from the Defined Auto Rejects drop down menu) the auto reject message you wish to alter and then type the message you would like to be sent with each auto reject into the "response message" field and click the "Save Changes" function. If the Defined Auto Rejects drop down menu is empty then you have not previously set up any "auto rejects" against received messages from specific senders.


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