REACH Delivery - View Message Queues for Internal Users

This is an Administrator only function available from the "Administrator Functions" menu.

As the Administrator you may need to monitor or review users that are not accepting messages or have sent messages that are not being accepted.   The view message queues function allows you to search for users (points of contact) within your company only and then displays these with details of their inbound and outbound pending messages

You can select any of the users and then view their messages just as if you were logged on as them.

Type any part of the name of the person you are looking for into the "enter a contact name or part name" and then click "find".  The list of available points of contact (users) will be displayed in the box below.

On the display screen below, Inbound pending messages are messages that have been sent to that user (point of contact) that the user has not yet read.  The Outbound pending messages are the messages that the selected user (point of contact) has sent to another user but the recipient point of contact (user) has not yet read.

Simply select an point of contact that you wish to view the messages for by clicking on their name and then clicking the   You can select any of the users and then view their outstanding received messages or outstanding sent messages just as if you were logged on as them.    the only difference, as shown on the screen below, is that on the message bar at the top of the screen you will see their user ID followed by "Viewed by:" and your user id.

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