REACH Delivery - Outstanding Sent Messages Waiting

When you have sent a message through the REACH Delivery system, before it has been accepted by the user you have sent it to, you will be able to review then through the "Outstanding Sent Messages" screen.

When the message has been accepted by the user it will be moved to the Historical sent messages screen. The screen below shows the information screen displayed when you double click on a sent message that is awaiting acceptance by a recipient.  

Prior to a message being accepted by the user you sent it to, the message can be changed via the (Add Text to message) and (Cancel Message) functions.  Messages cannot be changed once they have been accepted and these functions are therefore not available for historical (accepted) sent messages.   If the screen you are viewing does not have these icons on then you may be in the Historical sent messages function.

What do the symbols mean? 

Add text to message - updates the text included in the message that was sent via the "Reply to Message" function.  This function is not available in for historical sent messages.

Forward the message to another recipient - forwards the message via Send a Message

Cancel message (recall)  - cancels the message and removes it from both the sender and recipients system.   This function is not available in for historical sent messages.

Manually Confirm message - allows you to manually confirm receipt an output pending message and removes it from the output pending queue.

Internal Distribute - Select one or more of the flies (by checking the tick box) and then forward these internally via the "Distribute Files" function.

Message Details - provides audit information for the message, summary on Message Audit help page


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