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This function is accessible to the "Send Documents" -> "Send a Document/Message" menu.

One of the fundamental parts of the REACH Delivery system is to be able to send files (such as Safety Documents documents and other documents) to others, this is achieved through sending a "message" that has a file linked to it and then for these documents to be fully managed in a disparate wide network.

The Send Message function with REACH Delivery provides the ability to create a message containing a file and then to send this to a another user (point of contact).

The following screen helps you build a message to send to another point of contact (user).  Below the screen you will find details of the information that must be filled in and a description of each of the icons.  Creating a message is simple and can be completed by following these 5 steps:

  1. Add Files to the Message

  2. Add Who the Message is to be Sent to

  3. Check the User Notes

  4. Add other information to the message

  5. Check the receipt options for the files in the message



Add Files to the Message

The first thing to consider is what files/documents you want to include in the message. The "File Type" dropdown will allow you to restrict the list of available files to a specific file type. The "Find" button will display a list of the available files as shown in the following screen.

In the example above we have selected a file type (in the drop down box) of Safety Documents, have been presented with the available files from the REACH Delivery managed files and have clicked the "Add to Message" check box to select the file that will be added to the message when we click the icon.  If you wish to open the file, to check it is the one you want to add to the message, simply click the display icon .


Add Who the Message is to be Sent to

Next you must indicate who the message is to be sent to.  The "Select Users to Send To" function will present you with the following screen to allow you to identify and select the recipients (points of contact) for your message.  A more detailed summary of the "select point of contact" function for a message is available on the specific Select Point of Contact for a Message help page


Manage who you want to send the message to::

If you wish to manage the list of recipients once it is created, you can select a point of contact (recipient) from the list and click the icon to delete it from the list.


Add other information to the message

Messages in the REACH Delivery system can have a covering note added to help the recipient understand what they have received.  If they just received a single file or group of files then it may not be clear what they should do with them.   The "Add Personal Message" section of the REACH Delivery message allows free format text to be added to each message.

Simply type the information/message that you wish to include as part of the REACH Delivery message into the "covering note" text box on the screen.

Alternatively, the "Select saved Template" button will allow you to select from a list of previously saved templates.


Save text in a Template / Manage templates

If the message text (covering note) that you have added to this message is to be used in other messages that you can save the text into a template.  Simply click on the button  and the following screen will be displayed, allowing you to specify the name of the new template.


Check the receipt options for the files in the message

The files that you have added to the message have the option of having receipt information set on them. 

The options available depend on the files type of the file, for example, Safety Documents type documents require a receipt always therefore the default option is receipt request with another option of force receipt.  Certain other types of document, such as those in the "other" file type may not need a receipt at all and therefore the default receipt option is "no receipt".

The default receipt options for all file types are that User receipts are ON and Corporate receipts are OFF

The icon allows you to alter the receipt used.  Full details for this function can be found on the specific "manage receipts" help page.

The icon allows you to alter the restrictions on the document/file being sent.  Full details for this function can be found on the specific "restrictions" help page.

The icon displays any previous receipts that have generated by the user/company that this message is being sent to for this document.


 Send the message


To send the message click on the button.

The following conformation will be displayed when the message is successfully sent.

When you click ok you will be automatically redirected to the REACH Delivery Pending Outbound Messages page.

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