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One of the fundamental parts of the REACH Delivery system is to be able to receive files (such as Safety Documents documents) from other users as part of a "message" and then for these documents to be fully managed in a disparate wide network.

When you have received a message through the REACH Delivery system you will be able to review it through the outstanding received messages function until you accept the message.  Once you have accepted the message it will be moved to this Accepted Received Messages function .  The screen below shows the information screen displayed when you double click on a received message that has been accepted by the by you.  

The Accepted Received Messages functions are similar to those available for outstanding received messages, with the exception that the message can no longer be accepted, rejected, forwarded or replied to.   In addition, once a message has been accepted you are able to add additional metadata to the document (file) to help with searching for it. in the future.  This is achieved through the new Metadata icon that appear next to the message (please see on the screen image below). Various extended metadata fields will be displayed, depending on the file type.  This is company Metadata.  For use of the Company Metadata field please review the metadata online help page.


What do the symbols mean? 

Distribute selected files - Select one or more of the flies (by checking the tick box) and then forward these internally via the ";Distribute Files" function.

Message Details - provides audit information for the message, summary on Message Audit help page

Block - Effectively blocks the sender from sending further messages to you.  The sender will automatically receive a reject of any message that they send to you.   If you click the Auto reject icon you will be asked to confirm this action, with the following screen, before the sender is blocked.


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