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You should have either received an e-mail with an invitation to install the software on it or you're installing from an installer. If you received an e-mail there should be a 'link' to the REACH Delivery website. From this you can download the installer then run it.

Once you have run the installer, just follow the directions below to complete installation. Once complete you will need a user ID and password to get into the system. This will either come from the e-mail or be provided to you by your administrator.

When you click on the link in the installation message it is likely that your security settings will display a warning message, the details of which will differ depending on your browser.

This is just to let you know that the software is "third party software" and that you should consider if it comes from a trusted location.  Please click the run button to continue.   You will presented with a further standard Windows security warning:

 Click run to continue with the installation and the installation will start. 

In certain operating systems, such as Windows 7, an additional screen will be displayed first stating the REACH Delivery installation software is trying to make changes to your computer system and will ask for your permission to allow this.

You will see installation progress screens similar to this screen.

Once complete, the REACH Delivery license agreement will be displayed.  You will be required to review the license and accept it before continuing. 

Accept the license by clicking the "I agree" button on the following screen.

REACH Delivery will then identify where the product will be installed.  The default location is displayed and as with most software installations you are offered the opportunity to change this location.

If you are happy with the default location or have changed the location, check the "install" button to continue the installation.

When the installation is complete you will be automatically passed to the REACH Delivery login screen.

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