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This function is accessible to all users through the "Manage Documents" menu when "context" use in REACH Delivery is enabled.

By default "context" use in REACH Delivery is disabled.  To turn this functionality on please refer to the "Manage Company Data" help page.  However, you are recommended to review the help files for "contexts" first.  New users are encouraged to not enable context creation on distribution until they are familiar will all elements of the REACH Delivery system.  Contexts are an advanced method of grouping and explaining documents and information within REACH Delivery, while this may be useful in certain instances, a full understanding of the use of  "Contexts" within REACH Delivery is required before turning this functionality on.  

Data has no meaning:   Data is information that has no meaning.  Suppose someone walks up to you and gives you a piece of paper with 120987 written on it.  The number could mean absolutely anything.  They might be telling you their birthday, or how much money they owe you, etc.  Data only becomes information when you know the context of the data.

In order to help users group documents REACH Delivery the system applies a "Context" to every received, accepted message (document), both messages and distributed files.  The creation of this "context" for every document is automatic and based on the metadata, message content and system parameters that a user sets.

If contexts are disabled then default contexts are created for messages that have been accepted ("context for message") and files that have been distributed ("distribution context").

Why is is useful to  group documents or put then into context?  Please consider a research project, you may receive multiple document, some for the finance department (invoices, requisitions, etc), some for the R&D department (technical notes, etc) and some for multiple departments (Safety Documents' etc).  By itself an invoice is just a request for payment, however, the project manager providing this the finance department and putting it in the context of his project provides an understanding of the document.

This screen provides the ability to search for the different contexts associated with the files you have received or distributed.


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