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This file associations section is reached by clicking the icon that appears next to files on the File Management screen. 

Many documents that we use are not standalone, they have associations with other documents.  For example a Safety Data Sheet for a specific chemical may be used by multiple products or subsequent Safety Data Sheets as that chemical is used in different ways.  Documents reference other documents and there are dependencies from one document to another. 

REACH Delivery has a powerful file associations sub-system that allows documents to be linked to each other through a multi-dimensional hierarchy that lists dependencies. This means that you can associate one document with several others and if a document is updated then any document that is associated with it will be flagged and users will not only be updated with information that there has been a change but also if they open the updated document from an existing message it will be the latest version.

The file associations function identifies the files that are associated with each other.

What do the symbols mean? click on the links below to jump to a more detailed description of each function.

Associate previously loaded File

Associate file from your PC

Linked Files


Associate previously loaded File - If you are associating a previously loaded file then you will be presented with the following screen.  In the example below we have selected a file type (in the drop down box) of Other - this will display all files in your REACH Delivery system that have the file type of "other".   If you wish to open the file, to check it is the one you want to associate with, simply click the display icon .  To associate any of these files with the original files you selected simply click the "add file" check box.

Then simply click on the Apply Changes at the top of the screen to complete the association.


Associate file from your PCIf you are associating a file from your PC which has not been loaded into the REACH Delivery system then you will be presented with a standard windows explorer file open screen (see below) and asked to select a file from your local computer or network.   Once selected, you will be required to complete some file details for the file as if you were adding a file into the REACH Delivery system.

Then simply click on the Apply Changes at the top of the screen to complete the association.



Linked Files - If you own the document (i.e. you added it into REACH Delivery) then you can also add vertical file associations.  This is when you link an inbound file to an outbound file.  If you receive a file from someone else and wish to associate this with a file to you are sending out you can link these with vertical associations.

That way if the original file sent to you is updated you will receive a message and can go to vertical associations to see what files this is associated with.


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