REACH Delivery - File Management

This function is accessible to all users through the "Manage Documents" menu.

The file management function allows you to search for files and then manage them.  The File Management function offers the following screen and functions as detailed below.  Please note that you need to click the search icon to populate this screen.

What do the main symbols mean?  (click on the icon or the link to jump to information on that subject)

Search for Files - This function searches for files within the REACH Delivery system

Add files - This function allows you to add files into your REACH Delivery system.

Open Access - This function allows you to make a selected file or files available to other users within your company. This would allow them to send the file as though it was a file they had loaded.

Internal File Distribution - This function provides a formal manner to distribute files around users in the same company. A message is created and the selected documents are placed into the message. This is then logged onto the senders outbound list and an audit trail started for the send. Receipts are automatically returned to the sender for the documents when the receiver accepts the message.

Store Locally - Select the files you want to make available by ticking the box to the left of the file name.  Click the make files available offline and you will receive a confirmation that the action has been performed.).  Please also refer to the Administrator menu function "manage your company data" for the ability to default all files of a certain type to also be supported in offline mode.

Updated Docs  - displays new and updated files in the REACH Delivery system that have previously been sent to you.

Older Linked Docs

Advanced Filter - opens the Extended Metadata filter


Search for Files

To search for messages/documents add a search word in the "add search word box" then "add" this into the list of search words.  To remove a word from the list of search words simply double click on the word and it will be removed.

When you have searched for files or have files that are displayed on the file management screen (as shown below)

There are a number of icons associated with each file that provide the functions available to be performed on that file. These additional icons are different depending on if you are the owner of the file or not.  Select the file(s) you want to manage by ticking the select box to the left of the file name and then click the appropriate icon.

Remove file from circulation and delete.  Deleting the file is only available to the owner of the file.   Users other than the owner of the document will not have this icon available and will not be able to delete a file.

Edit file  - Full details on editing files is available on the specific help page for file editing.  The editing the file is only available to the owner of the file.   Users other than the owner of the document will not have this icon available and will not be able to edit a file.

Who can view this file (displays the users with access to this file).  See also restrictions.

Show current associated files or add a file association to this file (displays the File Associations screen)

Displays receipt information for the selected file

Display file - open the selected file in an appropriate viewer

Manage Received File (this function is only available to the non-owners of a file) - Displays the information about the file that is contained in the documents Metadata.  Please refer to the specific help screen for "Manage Received File" for more information.

Extract File - Allows the document to be extracted in an unencrypted format so that it can be used outside REACH Delivery. This icon will only be enabled if the document owner has checked the "Allow Document Extract" option in the Edit Document screen and your Administrator has checked the "Allow documents to be extracted from REACH Delivery" option in the Manage Companywide Settings screen.

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