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Add a file may be accessed through the menus on the home screen, from the File Management Screen or when sending a message.  Editing Files is available from the File Management Screen.

The File Details function, accessed when you add or edit a file, allows you to modify the files that you have already added (or are in the process of adding) into the REACH Delivery system.  The REACH Delivery file details screen, as shown below will then be opened.  This screen should be completed with details that you can modify to identify and represent the file. 

Please note that this is the same screen used to add files into the REACH Delivery system, however the Replace Document, Edit File and Undo Checkout icons are not available when adding files.

Restrictions:  restrictions are currently only available for PDF documents and one or two additional icons are displayed.  Please refer to the section on restrictions below.

What do the symbols mean?  (click on the icon or the link to jump to information on that subject)

Save Changes - Clicking the Save Changes icon will commit your changes and update the file in the system.

Replace Document - When you click on this icon then you will be asked to locate the new copy of the document (from your local computer or network) that you wish to use to overwrite the version already in the REACH Delivery system.  This will follow the function of adding a document.

Edit File Contents - the process for editing a file is described below.

Undo Checkout - used when editing files and is described as part of the edit files process below.

Metadata (extended search) - Local company metadata associated with a document is described on its own help page that can be accessed from this link.

File Edit History - opens the File Edit History screen.

Allow Document Extract - If this option is selected, recipients of the document will be able to extract the document in an unencrypted format so that it may be used outside of the REACH Delivery System.




Edit File Contents

When you click on the edit file contents icon you will be presented with the information screen.  The REACH Delivery system  will attempt to 'check out' the file for editing and allow you to modify it. The file will remain 'checked out' to you until you click either:Save Changes to Server or Undo File Checkout. While the file is 'checked out' other users will not be able to make changes to it.    In order to proceed with the file edit you will need to click the "ok" button.

When you click "ok" the file will open in a standard editor for that document (if you have an editor on your computer) or REACH Delivery cannot find an editor for the document type then you will either by  be presented with a further information screen.  This will indicate that the file has been made available to you the following location: 'C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\REACH Delivery Edit\Safety data sheet Clean Chain.pdf'

Once you have made your changes you can upload your changes using the Save Changes to Server icon.

You can also open the folder location immediately to edit/modify the file

If you do open the file location then you will be into standard "Windows" file management screens (as shown below)

Once you have completed the edit functions that you need to perform the close the file as normal and you will find that the REACH Delivery screen has returned to the main edit screen, as below.

Undo File Checkout

The Undo Checkout icon is now active, meaning that the document is "checked out".  Clicking the undo document checkout icon will "release" the document and any changes since the file was last uploaded to the server withSave Changes will NOT be updated in the document that is managed within REACH Delivery.

Check the document back into REACH Delivery/upload your changes using the Save Changes icon



Restrictions are only currently available for PDF documents, however, it is planned that they will be made available for other types of document in the future.  Editing a PDF document is exactly the same as for other documents as described above, except that two additional icons are available to the user

Manage Default Constraint - Clicking the manage default constraint icon will bring up the following screen:

restrictions are applied to a document to allow (or block) a user, internal or external from executing certain actions on specific documents.


The 2 types of restrictions available are the ability to Print a document and the ability to Export (copy) a document.


An audit count of the number of times a file is printed by a user and group that has such rights is maintained.


The default set of restrictions that is applied to documents managed by REACH Delivery are shown opposite.   These can be changed only for a document previously loaded into REACH Delivery (i.e. managed) and only by the administrator or owner of the document.


Additional information on restrictions may be found on the restrictions help page.


Manage Company restrictions - Clicking the manage default constraint icon will bring up the following screen:

Selecting the ‘Manage company restrictions’ you can view all the companies that have restrictions that differ from the default and see what those restrictions are.  


If the default is changed after the files have been sent, companies that have already received files with the original restrictions will automatically have the new default implemented, same as an updated document.


The list of companies with their own restrictions (one’s that have been given a different set of restrictions at send time) will remain listed even if their constraint now matches the default, they are still operating on an independent setting.


Selecting the ‘Who can view this file’ from the file menu will allow you to view all users who have restrictions set that differ from the default that you set. You will also be able to see here people in other companies that have had the file distributed to them where different restrictions have been set.


Document restrictions can be altered when sending a file to another company or when distributing the files within your own group. When the change restrictions is selected the system default settings are displayed for you to change as required.


The recipient receives the file with restrictions as defined by the owner, they can distribute the files with the same or lower level of constraint i.e. more restricted, again the user is displayed a box with the system wide defaults, any attempt to set high levels access (i.e. less restricted) will be ignored.


Additional information on restrictions may be found on the restrictions help page.


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