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Once you have logged in you are presented with the REACH Delivery home screen.   All new users of REACH Delivery should read the Quick Start User Guide before using REACH Delivery.


Home Page Screen

By default, this screen will show if you have any outstanding messages that you have received that are currently pending.  However, the screen also displays and provides access to the other functions within the REACH Delivery system. 

This screen will also show when you have files with younger linked parent files as shown below

Clicking on this message will open the Documents with Updated Parents screen


Counter Links

The Counter links that appear near the bottom of the home page e.g.

Are a quick update of how many Outstanding received messages you have pending, how many messages you have sent that are awaiting receipt and how many new and updated files, from the previous 7 days, are available for you.  Clicking on the counter links will take you directly to the following screens.

Outstanding Received Messages

Sent Messages Waiting Receipts (only available to users that are able to send messages)

New and Updated Files


Messages Detail

The Messages Detail box on the home page can be selected, via the icons or the menus, to display the following information screens.  By default the "Outstanding Received Messages" information panel is displayed when you first enter the home screen.

Outstanding Received Messages

Accepted Received Messages

Outstanding sent messages awaiting receipts

Historical Sent Messages


User types - Administrator/Sender/Recipient
There are also four main user roles as within the REACH Delivery system; An Administrator function a file Sender, a Recipient and an Internal Recipient function.  In addition there is a Super-administrator role that is the same as the administrator with the exception that they can set up further administrators. The Administrator has some additional functionality to Senders and Recipients and therefore additional functions are shown on different users screens. It is important to know what the different user types are and what user type you have been set.  For details of these user types, how a user will be designated an Administrator, a Sender or a Recipient and some of the differences between the roles, please click on this link to descriptions of user types.

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