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The Add files function, accessible in the File Management screen through the icon shown below, allows you to add your files into the REACH Delivery system.

Click the "Add Files" icon, , and you are offered a standard "browse" for the file you want to add screen.  In the example below this shows a selection of Safety Data Sheets.  You can add any type of file from word documents to PDFs, image files through spreadsheets.


Select a file by either clicking it once and then clicking the "open" button or double clicking it. 

You can add multiple files at once by selecting more than one file (use windows command such as shift/click, control/click or highlight several files).  If you select multiple files you will see the following screen that requests you to select a file type for the files and then adds them with a default set of file attributes. You should then use the "edit file" functions to add any specific file attributes to the files that you require:

If you select to add only one file then a REACH Delivery file details screen, as shown below will then open.  This screen should be completed with details that you can add to identify and represent the file.  You will need to select a File Type for the new document before you can save the document details.

Clicking the Save Changes icon will commit your changes and add the file into the system.

Extended Metadata:  Various extended metadata fields will be displayed, depending on the file type field selected.  In the example above a "Description" metadata field is displayed.  This is Global Metadata.  For use of the Global Metadata field please review the metadata online help page.

restrictions:  restrictions are currently only available for PDF documents.   If you are adding a PDF document then you will see an additional icon .  Clicking this manage default constraint icon will bring up the following screen:

restrictions are applied to a document to allow (or block) a user, internal or external from executing certain actions on specific documents.


The 2 types of restrictions available are the ability to Print a document and the ability to Export (copy) a document.


An audit count of the number of times a file is printed by a user and group that has such rights is maintained.


The default set of restrictions that is applied to documents managed by REACH Delivery are shown opposite.   These can be changed only for a document previously loaded into REACH Delivery (i.e. managed) and only by the administrator or owner of the document.


File Associations

Many documents that we use are not standalone, they have associations with other documents.  For example a Safety Data Sheet for a specific chemical may be used by multiple products or subsequent Safety Data Sheets as that chemical is used in different ways.  Documents reference other documents and there are dependencies from one document to another. 

REACH Delivery has a powerful file associations sub-system that allows documents to be linked to each other through a multi-dimensional hierarchy that lists dependencies. This means that you can associate one document with several others and if a document is updated then any document that is associated with it will be flagged and users will not only be updated with information that there has been a change but also if they open the updated document from an existing message it will be the latest version.

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