REACH Delivery - User / Point of Contact

Users within the REACH Delivery system are referred to as Points of Contact. 

New users are usually added, by means of the 'Add a new External Contact' function, as part of the "Send Files" menu. The screen below guides you through the process of adding a user.

Destination Company

When you are adding a new 'Point of Contact' to an existing company, then please select the company using the 'Find' functionality.

However if you are adding a new Company to the system, then please just enter the company name in the appropriate box without clicking the 'Find' button.

Contact Identifier

The contact identified may be used to add the new users name or possibly their position within the company.  This is to allow the position (role) within the company to continue to perform the same functions with the specific REACH Delivery user login regardless of if the individual person has been promoted, left the company or is unavailable.

E-Mail Address

The new users email address must be unique (not been entered into REACH Delivery before) and is used to provide the user with the login details and installation instructions for REACH Delivery.


When you have entered these details then you will need to click the icon to complete and add the new user. If the user appears to be similar to other users that are entered for this company then then REACH Delivery will try to identify possible alternate user names for you. If you are adding a new company as well as a new user then REACH Delivery will try to identify possible alternate company names for you at this point.

Please note:   The process of setting up a new user in a different company to your own will NOT send them the installer.  The REACH Delivery system will wait for you to complete the send message process with at least a covering note, even if it is just "Hello", before sending the message AND the installer together.  Therefore, when you have added a new point of contact  in a different company to your own you have to send at least a covering note (and document if you wish) before the new point of contact will be invited to install REACH Delivery.

If the new point of contact that you have set up is within your company then they will receive an email invitation to install REACH Delivery as soon as you have added them.


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