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Each company using REACH Delivery has at least one user that also has the Administrator role.   As a result, the first user in a company is assigned the administrator role by default.   Users can stop being an administrator only if there is another administrator in their company.   Companies can have multiple administrator roles if they wish.

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How do I know I am an administrator?

What does an administrator do?

How do I stop being an administrator?




How do I know I am an administrator?

There are several ways that you will know you are an administrator.  First, your introduction email may have informed you before you installed (see image).  This would be because you were the first person to actually install REACH Delivery within your company and each company must have an administrator.   If this is the case then you can either continue being the administrator (please refer to what does an administrator do? for information on what you must do as your company's administrator) or you can assign someone else as the administrator for your company (please refer to how do I stop being an administrator?).  If you are inactive for over 2 weeks then REACH Delivery will attempt to add another administrator in addition to you, however, please be aware that other users from your company may be blocked if you do not complete the administrator tasks or assign another administrator.

You can also select the "Manage your public data" function from the options menu which will bring up a screen similar to the one shown.  Your user roles are shown as those ticked and you can see if the Administrator role is ticked.  In addition to being an administrator it is possible that you also have the "super administrator" role, the only difference between the administrator and super administrator roles is that the super administrator can set up other administrators.

There are also other ways that you will know that you are an administrator, these include:  You may receive emails regarding you assisting other users and identifying you as the company's administrator.  You will have access to an administrator menu, the "manage" menu, that provides access to administrator functions, etc.

While you are the administrator for a company it is imperative that you fulfil the actions requested of you by the REACH Delivery system to ensure that your colleagues and company are able to continue to use REACH Delivery.



What does an administrator do?

Being the administrator of REACH Delivery for a company is an important role, however, it does not need to be an onerous one.  Every company using REACH Delivery MUST have at least one administrator.   The administrator has access to the system set up features in the "manage" menu (please refer to the main REACH Delivery help page for details of each of these).  These features allow the administrator to perform tasks such as;  change the standard emails that are sent out by REACH Delivery (maybe to another language),  configure which types of files are saved locally on company computers,  turn on context support for files, set up and manage company areas and alter the receipt options that a company requires from the standard REACH Delivery options.

However, one of the most important tasks for an administrator is to manage the other REACH Delivery users within their company.  When a new user is set up within their company (possibly by someone else trying to send them a message) the administrator is informed and has a number of tasks.  The main task is to provide the new user with their username and password to access REACH Delivery.  In many companies the administrator is also the IT department who will manage the installation of the small REACH Delivery client software onto a company computer, they will also decide if an employee is appropriate and authorised to use the REACH Delivery system.

The administrator can also setup other users within their company to be "senders".   There are also four main user roles within the REACH Delivery system; An Administrator function a file Sender, a Recipient and an Internal Recipient function. In addition there is a Super-administrator role that is the same as the administrator with the exception that they can set up further administrators. For details of these user types, how a user will be designated an Administrator, a Sender or a Recipient and some of the differences between the roles, please click on this link to descriptions of user types.  The sender role is the only role within REACH Delivery that is not free to use and therefore administrator's need to be aware of this before setting someone to be a sender.



How do I stop being an administrator

There are several reasons why a REACH Delivery administrator may wish to stop being an administrator for a company.  Possibly  the administrator was the first person that installed REACH Delivery within a specific company and was therefore automatically made an administrator but is not the right person within the company to assume the role.  An IT department within the company may wish to take over the administrator role and management of REACH Delivery within an organisation.  Whatever the reason it is easy to stop being the administrator as long as there is another user to take on the role.

The first thing to remember is that each company needs to have at least one super administrator and administrator role and therefore there must be at least one other user within your company.  You may wish to set up a user to simply to be the administrator.  Setting up an additional user is simple; just use the "Manage points of contact" feature in the "Manage" menu to add a new user within your company.

This function is an administrator only function and therefore if you are adding a user within your own company the REACH Delivery system will assume that you are the administrator for that user.  For security purposes, the new user will be pointed back to you to get their username and password which you will be able to set up by using the "find" feature of manage points of contact and then double-clicking on the user name to bring up the "Modify User Data" screen for the new user (shown here).

You can see on the screen their user id and are also able to enter the initial password that you would like the new user to have. 

Once the new user is installed and has logged in to REACH Delivery you can tick the Administrator (and super administrator) boxes to make them an administrator for the company.

The last thing to do is to go to the "manage your public data" function under the options menu and untick the administrator (and super administrator) boxes on your profile. 

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