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This function is accessible to all users through the "Options & Settings" menu.

The manage your public profile function allows you to set various privileges, defaults and options to your login and offers the following screen.  Administrators, Senders and Recipients have different privileges and therefore not all of the functions/options on this screen will be available to senders and recipients i.e. a Recipient will not be able to set themselves as an Administrator.

User types - Administrator/Sender/Recipient
There are also four main user roles within the REACH Delivery system; An Administrator function a file Sender, a Recipient and an Internal Recipient function.  In addition there is a Super-administrator role that is the same as the administrator with the exception that they can set up further administrators. The Administrator has some additional functionality to Senders and Recipients and therefore additional functions are shown on different users screens. It is important to know what the different user types are and what user type you have been set.  For details of these user types, how a user will be designated an Administrator, a Sender or a Recipient and some of the differences between the roles, please click on this link to descriptions of user types.

Public Address

To help protect your privacy, when REACH Delivery is first installed or your initial profile is set up by someone sending you a message, your REACH Delivery address (username) is set to private.  This means that other users of REACH Delivery will not be able to search for you or send you messages unless they know you exact username.  To allow other users to search for you, please check the "public address" box on this screen.


Block Email Reminder

Blocks the email to the end user that is sent each time a message is sent to that user if he has not installed REACH Delivery.  This flag is often set by an administrator when messages are being sent to a user that has been set up incorrectly by another user.


Disable Weekly Summary Email

Disables the weekly summary of usage email that is sent to users.


Redirect Messages

The redirect messages function is useful if you will be out of the office for a period of time or unable to access the REACH Delivery system for whatever reason.  By selecting the redirect messages tick box you will automatically be given access to the "pick user", "clear" and "redirect until" features on this screen.   You will also be automatically downgraded from the system administrator and will, by updating the redirection parameters, be able to redirect ALL REACH Delivery messages that are sent to you by another user either indefinitely ("redirect until further notice") or until a certain date (i.e. until the end of a holiday)

Assign User Group

For general information regarding the use of company areas please refer to the "manage user groups" help screen.  By clicking on the assign user group icon you are able to assign a user to a specific user group using the screen below:

Select Required Administrator

By clicking on the assign Administrator icon you are able to assign an administrator to this user using the screen below:

Disable User

By clicking on the disable user icon this user will be disabled, although a confirmation screen will be requested first, as shown below:

Once a user is disabled only an Administrator can re-enable this functionality.

Saving Changes

If you make changes and forget to click the to accept and commit the changes then the following warning will be displayed requesting you to consider if you wish to commit the changes or abandon them.


What do the symbols mean?

Accept the changes that you have made and commit them to the system

Disable User

Assign User Group

Assign Administrator


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