REACH Delivery - Offline Mode

The "Switch to Offline Mode" function is accessible to all users through the "Options & Settings" menu when you have offline documents.

The Switch to Offline Mode function allows you to continue to use the REACH Delivery system when there is no online connection available. 

If you start the REACH Delivery system without an internet connection then the system will start in OFFLINE mode or use the "switch to offline mode" menu option the the following screen that will show you all the documents that are available in offline mode and allows you to either remove them from the offline cache (local computer storage) by clicking the icon or to display the document by clicking the icon.  If the world icon is "greyed"   this indicates that REACH Delivery is currently operating in offline mode without a connection to the internet.

To make files available offline  please refer to the File Management option to make selected files available when offline or the Administrator menu function "manage your company data" for the ability to default all files of a certain type to also be supported in offline mode.

If you are working online or if REACH Delivery is running in the background of your computer, i.e. there are still REACH Delivery icons in the system tray,  and your communication is lost then the following communications error will be displayed when you try to perform an online task.   If you have lost your internet communications then you can "switch to offline mode" via the menu option to continue working.

If you are starting up REACH Delivery on your computer and no internet connection is detected then the following warning screen is presented prior to REACH Delivery opening in offline mode:

If your online connection returns while you are working offline then the greyed out "status icon" will switch to live showing that communications has returned .  By clicking on this icon when it is live or greyed out you will be able to check the status of your internet connection.

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