REACH Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions

Have you reviewed the Short User Guide for REACH delivery and completed the familiarisation tasks?

Where can I find out how to do that ?

Setting Up My REACH Delivery System


What is REACH Delivery?

General Overview

Where can I find a full explanation of the entire system?

Full Help Menu

Is there a quick start-up guide?

Quick Start Guide

What can I expect when I install my Reach delivery for the first time?


I am uncertain of my password and username, where can I get them from?


Are there guided exercises that I can do to familiarise myself with REACH Delivery?

Familiarisation Exercises

Where do I find the version number and licence details of my REACH Delivery?


Who is my administrator?

Who is administrator

User Roles within REACH Delivery


What are the different User Roles available in REACH Delivery?

User Roles

What is the difference between an Administrator and a Super Administrator?

Administrator Roles

What is the difference between a file receiver and an Internal File Receiver?

File receivers

I have been made an administrator, what does that allow me to do?


I am an administrator, can I downgrade my role?

Change Role

 Managing the way my REACH Delivery works for me


What does the envelope in my system tray mean?

System Tray

How do I change my password ?

Change Password

How do I log in as a different user?

Different User

How do I change the language of REACH Delivery to another language?


How do I see what User Type I am?

User Type

How do I stop REACH Delivery automatically logging me in?

Automatic Login

My computer is advising me a new version of REACH Delivery is available, ok to install?

New Version

What information can I get from the audit trail?

Audit Trail

Managing my documents


How do I load a file into REACH Delivery?

Add a File

How do I send a document/message?

Send Document

How do I add a document into the system to be managed?

Add Document

How do I add a file/document to a message?

Add to Message

How do I view a file/document?

View Document

How do I receive a document?

Receive Document

How do I edit a file/document?

Edit Document

How do I update a message I have already sent?

Update Message

Can I view a document if I am not online?

Offline Mode

How do I accept incoming messages?

Accept Messages

My messages disappear from my incoming messages window after I accept them!

Historical Messages

Where do I find my incoming messages that I have yet to accept?

Incoming Messages

Can I recall a message after I have sent it?


Can I change a managed file after I have sent it to another user?


Can I distribute files I have received to a user outside of my own company?


I am an administrator, can I change whether documents are held locally or centrally?

Local Documents

What is metadata?


What are document restrictions?


What is a company area?

Company Area

Managing the Way I interact with Other Users


How do I add another user?

Add User

Can I prevent another user from sending messages and files to me?

Block User

Can I set up an automatic reply message to any user I have blocked?

Auto-Reply to Blocked User

Can I remove a block on a user after I have set one up?

Un-block User

Can I change an automatic reply previously set up for blocked senders?

Change Auto-Reply

Can I create a distribution list for groups of users I regularly send files to?

Distribution Lists

Can I restrict what I allow other users to do with files that I manage?

Restrict Files

What is a point of contact?

Point of Contact

Can I change to text in e-mails generated by the REACH Delivery system?

Change Emails

Can I see which user has pending messages without going through the audit trail?

Message Queues

Can I change the text sent in the Document receipts?


Do I have a contact list in REACH Delivery?

Address Book

Can I search for other users?

Search POC

Can I edit the saved details of my previously used recipients?

Edit Address Book

Managing Contexts


What is a context?


Why should I use a context?

Context Use

Managing the Way REACH Delivery Works for Me


Can I change the e-mail address registered for me?

Change email address

My User Details appear to be private, can I allow others to see them?

Public Data

I am getting e-mails every time a message arrives for me, can I turn this function off?

Stop Repeat Emails

Can I redirect my documents and messages to another user?

Redirect Messages

Can I disable my account without losing access to it?

Disable Account

Can I disable my account without losing access to it?

Disable Account

What is 'Open System'?

Open System





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